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Diana Zgambo Winga
Patrick Winga
I am the Executive director of Grace Foundation. I live in Lilongwe city Malawi, married with one child. My hobbies are watching soccer and most importantly I love sharing the word of God with others especially the vulnerable children, Elderly and in the community. I chose to volunteer at GF because it is much more than working for an NGO. It means investing in children’s future's and empowering families to support themselves. The work is exciting but also challenging. I work for 6 hrs a day
Andrew Sukali
Monitoring and Evaluation Manager. Am from Lilongwe City, single , I like reading the Bible and listening to gospel music. I chose Grace Foundation not only because of life saving programs which are gospel centered in nature to the underprivileged people in the communities but also because of the passion I have to serve the Lord through humanitarian work...... I work 7hrs a day Monday to Friday
Agnes Lulaka
Finance and Administrative Assistant
Watson Kulinja
...I am married with four children. I live in Lilongwe. My hobby is reading literature during my free time. At Grace Foundation I am a Project Officer (Volunteer) and my passion was to work with a charity organization like GF. I have skills in entrepreneurship and capacity building, mobilization and marketing. I work full time at GF
Amos Chidede
I am a teacher at Grace Foundation. I am single and live in Lilongwe. I like working hard, praying and listenning to the radio. I chose Grace Foundation because I love teaching the children and also to assist those who are in need. I work 7hrs a day Monday to Friday
Lenia Tembo
I am a caregiver at Grace Foundation, mostly preparing food for the children. I am married with 3 children. I live in Lilongwe and my hobbies are watching TV and listening to radio. I chose to work at Grace Foundation because my passion is to help the needy. I work 3 days a week.
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