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$5 Feeds A Child for A Week

With a purchase of one Teak Wood Pen valued at $5 USD ($3 S/H from the Continental US) — you're feeding a child in need for one whole week.  

With your donation, you will receive one of 5 animals: Elephant Trunk Pointing Up, Elephant Trunk Down, Gazelle, Vulture or Rhino. 


Teal Wood

Teak is a type of wood that is a tree grown in Africa.

It is a hard wood grain and is one of the strongest woods of timber. Teak is used to make home goods, furniture, jewelry and more.


These pens will last you a lifetime & represent your giving heart.


$3 Shipping & Handling Fee is included in your donation ($8 total).

Product Detail

Approximately 7"-8" in height.  Black Ink. Handmade & designed in Malawi.  Due to the handmade nature of this product, every animal carving will differ.

Shipping & Handling Fee ($3) Included.  Please allow 3-5 Business Days to process your donation and approximately 14 days to receive your gift.  Thank you.

The local children, elders & volunteers who benefit from Grace Foundation are thankful for your help.

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