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Your support and donation is important to our work here at GRACE FOUNDATION. There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and one of them is to donate or become a sponsor.

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& someone will get back to you regarding your donation.
If you're in the Metro Detroit area, donate today!

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All materialistic donations are compiled in the Metro Detroit area and is delivered to Malawi, Africa via Cargo Ship. It takes approximately 3 months to get to Lilongwe, Malawi. Volunteers pick up the shipment from the dock and return them to the Grace Foundation office where it is then distributed to the appropriate departments.


Materialist Goods are Available for

PICK UP in and around the Metro Detroit area in Michigan, USA, North America.

Fill Out this Form to start your


Boys & Girls, Male & Female Adults

Ages: 5yo-18yo, & Adult Sizes

• Shoes (Flats, Tennis Shoes, etc.)

• Clothing (Dust Resistant)

• Under Garments

• Personal Hygiene Products

• Kitchen Supplies: Dish Soap/Cloths

• Clothing Detergent (Powder form)

• Grade School to High School Supplies:

     - notebooks

     - pencils/pens/erasers

     - white chalk

     - activity books (english)

     - crayons/markers/highlighters

     - permanent markers

     - drawing paper

     - liquid glue

     - lined paper

     - 8x10 printer paper

     - a projector

     - rulers

     - folders

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