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Grace Foundation runs an after school feeding program for needy children at Grace Church in the city of Lilongwe, Malawi. The aim of the project is to make sure that the orphans and vulnerable children are provided with a meal a day

— each consuming necessary nutrients that lead to active participation in class.

The feeding program operates once a day and six days per week.

REQUIREMENTS FOR A SUCCESSFUL FEEDING:  The program requires extensive supplies for food items.


  • Improved food security

  • Increased access and participation in education

  • Reduced impact of HIV/AIDS

  • A number of training and counseling conducted

  • A number of students excelling in education

  • A number of students improving health status

  • Secure foster parents who are able to support a child

  • Shoes/Clothing Donations

  • Improve on Good Habits, Hygiene & Discipline



Grace Foundation ensures that elderly people are living safely from discrimination and have fully potential of rights through community mobilization. Grace Foundation provides basic relief items to our elderly people such as food, clothes, sugar, and soap, salt and house maintenance.

Therefore the goal of these programs are to improve quality of life and increase education opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children and girls through participatory approach.

The support and assistance of the elderly are essential to communities near and far. At Grace Foundation, we understand the value of thriving communities as a whole.  A child needs its' peers and its' elders alike.  On a daily basis, the focus is not just on children, but providing monthly food supply to local elders who partake in daily uplifting activities and more on Grace Foundation grounds.




Grace Foundation offers Guardian economic empowerment called Family Strengthening. The objective is to empower guardians of orphans and vulnerable children with skills and resources to enable them household income and end the cycle of poverty, through agriculture as business and business skills orientations.


Through education Grace Foundation does Women and Youth empowerment called Tsongolo Langa(My Future ),economically, socially, politically and spiritually so that they can realize their potential and bring a change in their livelihoods. We provide orientations and capacity buildings to participate in establishing micro or small enterprises to reduce the incidence of unemployment and other economic aggravated violence.



Grace Foundation promotes access to comprehensive and quality sexual education (CSE) that is age appropriate, non-judgemental and gender sensitive to adolescents and youth; including teenage mothers and HIV positive youth with and without disabilities.


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